Who we are and what we do

We are a global energy company that generates, trades, and markets energy on a large scale. We also procure, store, transport, and supply commodities such as natural gas, LNG, and coal as well as energy-related products.

What is special about our capabilities is that we can provide both technical and commercial expertise at the same time.

We look for innovative solutions and believe in the advantages offered by digitalization. Using our broad portfolio, with elements perfectly complementing each other, we create value for our customers. We offer tailor-made energy solutions and free our customers from having to worry about the complex energy issues they face.

And we do this more simply and better than others. We act responsibly in everything we do. We are a team of doers who achieve their goals with energy and passion.

Uniper means providing tailor-made solutions – for the complex world of energy.

Key facts

  • Active in more than 40 countries
  • Around 11,000 employees
  • 100 years of experience
  • Approx. 34?GW generating capacity
  • 7.9?bcm gas storage capacity
  • 390?TWh long-term gas contracts
  • 1.5?bn euros EBITDA

As of Dec 31, 2018. Employees and generating capacity as of July 2019.

Power Generation

Our highly flexible and adjustable power plants ensure a sufficient and reliable power supply.

With about 34?GW of installed generation capacity, we are among the largest global power generators.

Thanks to our high proportion of hydroelectric and gas plants, our power plant portfolio is especially environmentally friendly.

Our power plants produce more than just electricity, they also generate steam and compressed air for industry and heat for thousands of households.

In Russia, our power plants provide about?five percent of the country’s total energy needs.

Global Energy Trading

Our trading activities create links across international commodities markets.

We trade a broad range of power and gas products throughout Europe and North America.

We offer our customers access to European markets as well as to our assets for producing, supplying, storing, and transporting natural gas.

We source, transport, and market liquefied natural gas (LNG) worldwide. Through our subsidiary LIQVIS, we also build an infrastructure for the use of LNG in heavy transport.

We optimize the entire coal supply chain to meet quality, timing, and price requirements.

We offer risk management solutions that help to limit earnings risks caused by weather fluctuations. This means that, for example, public utility companies can secure their absolute margins from the gas business against any temperature changes.

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Energy Sales

We are a trustworthy partner to our customers in times of fundamental market change.

Our energy sales business offers individual power, heat, and natural gas supply to industrial customers and energy partners, such as municipal and regional utilities in Germany and neighboring countries.

Alongside power and natural gas supplies, we also offer a wide range of services, like energy-efficiency and innovation products for the energy transition.

Through Uniper Digital, we provide major customers with a simple and economical platform for purchasing energy online.

In addition, we also supply energy suppliers and industrial companies with comprehensive market reporting and analysis for use in managing their energy portfolios.

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Energy Storage

Our diverse storage options help to ensure successful energy transition.

Our natural gas storage sites in Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom play an important role in ensuring a secure and flexible gas supply. In the future, they may also be used to store surplus renewable electricity – which has been converted into hydrogen or methane.

At our power-to-gas facilities, renewable electricity is converted into hydrogen or synthetic natural gas. These “green gases” can be fed into the natural gas grid or used as environmentally friendly resources in industrial processes.

Our pumped-storage plants are essential for ensuring grid stability and for integrating power generation from wind and photovoltaic plants.

Together with our partners, we operate the modular battery storage system M5BAT, in Aachen, Germany, which is used to test the technical and commercial suitability of battery storage.

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Energy Services

Services and technical consultancy for grids and power generation – owners, operators, and project developers benefit from our know-how.

We reduce risk, cost, and complexity for our clients, by offering a broad range of services as a one-stop-shop provider.

We choose the best technical solutions for our clients – we are independent from original equipment manufacturers.

Our clients benefit from our experience as an owner and operator – we have firsthand knowledge about their needs and challenges.

Our solutions are valued by over 600 clients of the energy and industrial sectors worldwide.

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Our strengths are based on our experience, expertise, and curiosity

We combine technical and commercial expertise and offer solutions for challenging questions.

We produce, buy, and sell large quantities of energy. In these processes, we act as efficiently as possible and minimize risks.

We build and operate large power plants.

We maintain long-standing partnerships with commercial customers, public utility companies, grid operators, and our suppliers. All stakeholders benefit from this.

Our strengths lie in three areas

  • In Europe, we contribute to supply security by moving towards a low-carbon energy future.
  • Our trading activities create links across international commodity markets.
  • We support the development of energy markets outside Europe with our own production activities and services for third parties.


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