Engineering + Technical

The technical area of course covers a wide field in all its facets for an energy supplier of our size. Even if our name is probably not yet as established as that of some old players on the market, Uniper with 34 gigawatts of capacity is one of the major producers in the industry. Another reason for the particular diversity of technical professions is certainly also our highly diversified energy mix through the extensive portfolio of different types of power plants. But even more important than status is actually the goal that both we and our customers want: CO2 neutral production by 2035! For this we rely on holistic and sustainable innovation and efficiency concepts up to the production of hydrogen in new dimensions. That's exactly why we need every bright mind with a special passion for high-tech. Get on board!

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Sales + Trading

Energy sales: You understand sales not just as a business discipline, but you would also like to work in partnership with a wide variety of customers? Then you are at the right place. Because this is the only way: to face the challenges of fundamental market change together and master the path through energy change. We offer individual electricity and natural gas delivery for energy partners such as public utilities or regional suppliers in Germany and abroad. The focus here is on tailored supply concepts and innovative products that enable our customers to successively make their portfolio completely climate-neutral. Would you like to help? Join us!

Energy trading: In order to supply millions of end consumers reliably and as cost-effectively as possible, our international trading activities hold special importance. This includes the supply, transport and storage of natural gas as well as the coordination and optimisation of our power plants. If expertise and excellence, limits and budgets are part of your standard repertoire and you see the solution of complex tasks as a challenge, then you've come to the right place!

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Software + Digital:

The success of climate-conscious and at the same time secure energy supply for business and households increasingly depends on the successful implementation of digital concepts. Are you not surprised? Then let's get straight to the point: if you come from an IT background, if you want to be involved in one of the most important areas for people in Europe and beyond in the energy sector, if you want to use your skills in digital transformation for the benefit of others, then take a closer look at the numerous challenges and opportunities at Uniper.

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Finance + Analytics

Any company, not just an internationally operating company listed on the stock exchange like Uniper, can only perform if financial negotiability is guaranteed. And that's where you come in. Whether in risk management, finance, controlling or market analytics - the combination of competencies and expert knowledge both, within diverse, specialized teams and across the board, is a driving factor?for our success. Sound decision-making foundations are essential. There are not many people who are really good at this. We have some, but we could use some more. Our CFO acts like a conductor at this immanent concert and looks forward to seeing you in the orchestra.

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Enabling Functions

You can easily imagine that a global energy company consists of many disciplines, departments or teams. With a wide variety of tasks, but always in a team of doers. This is the only way to successfully generate, trade, market, procure, store, transport and deliver energy, while at the same time achieving very ambitious climate targets and guaranteeing security of supply. The energy of all those involved with the courage to take on personal responsibility form the basis. Support functions for the core business also play a central role here. Our colleagues look forward to new employees with their own ideas in the areas of Legal & Compliance, Communications, Procurement, Audit, HR or MA & Strategy.

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