We are an energy community

As a global company, we generate, trade and market energy to business customers on a large scale. We also procure, store, transport and deliver various raw energy materials. We are always looking for talented people to work with us to develop simple solutions for our customers’ complex energy issues. We do that at Uniper as an energy community with a lot of passion and great team spirit and, in our view, we’re better and less complicated than others. Apply and become part of it. We look forward meeting you.

We are Uniper

For us, diversity and inclusion are not buzzwords, but something we believe in, of which we are deeply certain, and live every day. Certainly one reason why Leading Employer has recognised us as an exceptional employer. The most important aspects in the international evaluation process were working conditions, employee satisfaction, understanding of values, job security and environmental awareness.

We deliver energy safely and sustainably

Because sustainability is an essential part of our corporate culture and strategy, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for sustainable development. With concrete goals and results, our annual sustainability report proves that we take these goals seriously.

Here you can download the current report as a pdf

We implement this in five business areas:

Power generation

With around 34 GW of installed generation capacity in our power plants, we are one of the largest energy providers internationally.

Global energy trading

We connect international raw material markets with our trading activities.

Energy distribution

Our energy sales department offer individual electricity, heat and natural gas deliveries for industrial customers and energy partners, as well as services for energy efficiency and innovative products and also comprehensive market reports and analyses.

Energy storage

Our diverse storage options are important pillars for the success of energy transition.

Energy services

We reduce risks, costs and complexity for our customers by offering a wide range of advice and services from a single source.

Worldwide, over 600 customers from the energy and industrial sectors value our solutions for today and for tomorrow. Are you particularly interested in one area?

Drive the CO2reduction with us

Global energy demand is continuously increasing. At the same time, emissions that are harmful to the climate must be steadily reduced and the energy supply must be designed to be climate-friendly. Since we are already working on it every day, we will continue to consistently invest in energy projects that can achieve this goal. This is more than just a corporate goal, it is a social task that we are all working on together.

Between 2017 and 2019, we have already managed to reduce our direct CO2 emissions by 21%. Our next big mission is to achieve CO2 neutrality in Europe by 2035. Work on this big task with us!

Participate in the energy transformation of tomorrow!

We have two major goals: Firstly, we continue to see ourselves as a reliable global energy supplier. Secondly, we see ourselves as an important part of solving global CO2 reduction. For this, we go step by step along an evolutionary path. Come along with us!

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