Uniper Energy DMCC

Who we are

Uniper Energy DMCC is an important vehicle?in Uniper’s international efforts to help countries build up reliable?and environmentally-friendly energy supplies to support the global?energy transition.?UAE-based – with offices in Dubai – it owns and?operates two crude processing units strategically located at the Port?of Fujairah, the world’s second biggest bunkering hub.

Uniper Energy annually supplies more than 4 million?tons of IMO2020 and ECA compliant marine fuel oils.?These cleaner fuels make a significant contribution to enhancing air?quality, playing a crucial role in exceeding the International Maritime?Organization (IMO) targets to limit sulphur in ships fuels to 0.5%, from?today’s 3.5%, from the 1 January 2020.

Uniper Energy DMCC supplies?their clean fuels from their storages in?Fujairah and Singapore, into three of world’s?largest bunkering areas: the coast of Fujairah, Asia, and Europe's ARA.?The company started in Dubai in 2015, with the first cargo sale in?November 2016. It now trades with more than 200 counterparties;?both private and state-owned entities, including national oil companies?(NOCs).

What we do

Uniper Energy DMCC owns and operates a low sulphur marine fuel oils Production Facility in Fujairah, supplying products from its storage facilities to local partners and large shipping companies. We are active across the Middle East, Far East and European markets.

    Our trading office in Dubai

    Uniper’s oil trading office is based in Almas Tower in the core of DMCC, the most important trading freezone of Dubai. From this office Uniper trades crude oil and marine fuel to its customers into the international markets.

    Our business opportunities:

    • Crude supply
    • Crude & product storage
    • Product spot/term

    Our Fujairah marine fuels production facility

    The Uniper Energy Fujairah fuel oil production facility is comprised of two identical parallel independent trains that share infrastructure including utilities, crude feed pipelines, black and clean product pipelines, and crude and product tankage.

    We own and operate a topping refinery in Fujairah with the capacity to produce about 3.6mtpa of marine fuels with sulphur content as low as 0.1%?and up to IMO2020 specifications.

    Production capacities
    Crude processing: 2mbbl per month
    Fuel oil production: 300kt per month

    Storage capacities
    Fujairah, Singapore

    FID in 2014
    Commissioned in 2016
    Commercial production since 2017
    IMO 2020 ready

    IMO 2020 – Defining fuel of the future

    In 1973, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) agreed to a series of measures to prevent?pollution from marine and shipping operations?which came to be known as IMO 2020 Convention.

    In 1997, the Convention was modified to address sulphur emissions from ships by introducing a?global cap on the sulphur content in marine fuel oil, and an additional limit in specific waters,?referred to as emission control areas or ECAs. Fast?forward to October 2016, the International Maritime?Organization (IMO) reduced the sulphur limits for?bunker fuels worldwide from 3.5% to 0.5% from the?1 January 2020, instead of 2025.

    Uniper Energy DMCC supports your fuel needs?by providing a compliant product to meet your?requirements, today, in 2020 and beyond.



    Uniper Energy DMCC Team

    Uniper Energy DMCC

    Registered office: Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Almas Tower, Office 7-H, P.O. Box 346067 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Uniper Energy Fujairah FZE

    Registered office: Fujairah Free Zone, P.O. Box 50346, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates