Uniper hands over 5,000 mouth and nose protectors to the Rheinbahn and donates 4,335 euros to the SOS-Kinderdorf

  • Düsseldorf residents have been required to wear a mouth and nose protector on public transport since April 27
  • Demonstrating consideration for one another: Campaign on the Uniper-Tram is intended to raise awareness amongst passengers of their responsibility to each other
  • A proportion of the production costs for each mouth and nose protector to benefit the SOS-Kinderdorf Düsseldorf

Compliance with hygiene rules and the wearing of masks (mouth and nose protection) are now part of everyday life - -and are mandatory on buses, trains and at bus stops. However, infections are currently increasing at an alarming rate in many places; -And, autumn with its increased health risks for the population is just around the corner. One thing is clear: By wearing a mouth and nose protector, citizens can take responsibility for each other - protecting themselves and their environment.

This is why Düsseldorf-based power generation and trading company Uniper has had more than 5,000 masks -made and today handed them over to Rheinbahn AG in Düsseldorf's Media Harbor. At the same time, Uniper donated 0.85 euros per mask to the SOS-Kinderdorf Düsseldorf - a total of 4,335 euros was raised.

David Bryson, Uniper's Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, who is also responsible for health management at Uniper, says: "There are many positive reasons for supporting SOS-Kinderdorf in Düsseldorf, Rheinbahn and the city community with this initiative. Not only is the use of environmentally friendly public transport is in line with Uniper's decarbonization efforts, but, the safety and health of our employees is a high priority for us too. We also care about the well-being of other passengers who regularly travel on the Rheinbahn and especially on the Uniper streetcar. The masks that provide protection during the Corona pandemic are daily reminders to act responsibly. And with our pledge to create a CO2-neutral environment, we will continue to support the children of the SOS-Kinderdorf, into the future.. In short: As one of the largest companies in the city, we take our public responsibility for Düsseldorf and the people who live here seriously - we call this corporate citizenship.

Over the next few days, Uniper trainees and volunteers from the SOS-Kinderdorf Düsseldorf will travel around Düsseldorf on the Uniper-Tram - a streetcar in Uniper's livery - and distribute masks to passengers on the Rheinbahn. In line with the Corona Protection Ordinance, the masks will be a constant reminder to passengers that everyone has a responsibility to the city community.

The Chairman of the Board and Labor Director of Rheinbahn, Klaus Klar, says: "For us, the health of our passengers and employees has the highest priority. Public transport is safe even in Corona times. The past few months have shown this. An important prerequisite for this is that passengers fulfill their responsibilities and wear the right mouth and nose protection. We are therefore pleased that Uniper and the SOS-Kinderdorf are once again focusing attention on this important issue with their masks. We will distribute the masks to our passengers in the coming weeks.

Herbert Stauber, Head of the SOS-Kinderdorf Düsseldorf: "The Corona crisis has made one thing clear: children and young people from socially disadvantaged families are among the big losers. Today, one in five children in Germany is growing up in poverty. The Coronavirus will make this situation even worse. We are therefore very pleased about the generous donation from Uniper to further expand our support services for disadvantaged children and young people. We would also like to thank Rheinhahn for allowing us to distribute the mouth and nose protector, which is important for everyone, to the passengers, thus making an important contribution to safety. The joint action of Uniper and Rheinhahn is a strong sign of social cohesion in our city.

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