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Whether your field is renewable or conventional energy, Uniper can support you in optimizing your plant. We have proven experience in driving down costs, managing risks and boosting power generation across complex markets.

Every year, we help plants all around the world to meet and exceed their challenges.

Procurement support

Reduce cost, increase revenue and protect security of supply with our bespoke solutions to develop your procurement strategy. From planning and sourcing, to contract negotiations, alongside service delivery and supplier management, our end to end procurement services support you throughout your project and ensure a robust, business focused solution.

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Plant flexibility

Our decades of experience mean we know how to improve plant reliability and flexibility while managing risks and controlling costs. As owner operators we understand the challenges of maintaining profitability and efficiency in a changing market.?

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Unlock the true value of your assets and maximize profitability with Enerlytics. Our IoT platform for the energy industry gives you a 360-degree, end-to-end view of your plant or portfolio and the autonomy to make better decisions for financial gain and market leadership.?

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Parts life extension

Unlock significant cost savings by extending your gas turbine parts life and major outage intervals beyond the normal OEM maintenance interval, typically by 15-30%. Our structured methodology for PLE, underpinned by technical expertise identifies opportunities for interval extensions, with detailed technical evaluation.

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As a driving force in Europe’s transition to renewable energy, we share our experience to help you maximize your onshore and offshore wind projects. Our focus is to add value at all life cycle stages of your asset.?

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Optimize your plant outages and turnarounds

Share the knowledge we’ve gained as owners and operators of 37?GW of?generation capacity. Our outage solutions?bring?together both technical know-how and commercial expertise, enabling you to reduce complexity, minimise downtime and optimize maintenance schedules. We always choose the best solution for your particular needs because we are independent of OEM.

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Asset management

Improve the safety and reliability of your assets, create value and maintain it in a sustainable way. Drawing on our long experience as owner operators in various technologies, we offer bespoke asset management services, from implementing a complete asset risk management framework to providing solutions tailored to your individual needs. We help you to take risk-based decisions concerning single assets or your complete portfolio.

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Available, flexible, digital

Economic flexible operation, meeting future challenges for coal-fired plant and Enerlytics, our IOT solution for the energy industry

Case Studies

Man and woman looking at data on a large screen

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Discover how to improve your plant flexibility with detailed key target areas to focus on.
Uniper engineer looking at a dial and preparing to push a button

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Reduce minimum load and increase your plant flexibility. Find out more about our cost-effective independent solutions.
Uniper staff on site with large rolls of paper

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Maximize flexibility benefits, reduce start-up times and mitigate risks with our OEM independent plant assessment.
Uniper engineer looking at plans and computer monitors

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Find the optimal turbine layout for your wind farm, including substation, intra-array and export cabling. Learn more about WindArchitect?.
Offshore wind farm

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Are you at the end of warranty, considering whether to decommission, replant or extend the life of your turbines? Share our experience and find out more.
Wind case study robust ESCW06

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Discover how our experts can give you independent advice on risk levels and preventative measures for your wind farm assets.
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Doug Waters

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