Our responsibility as a company

Uniper Energy Storage operates gas storage facilities as well as power to gas plants in communities across Germany, Austria and UK. We have a positive impact in those regions by hiring local people and buying products and services mostly from local suppliers. This strengthens the local infrastructure in the region. Furthermore, we protect natural landscapes and habitats and are actively involved in community life. We are open to new ideas and change. Besides, we are open and candid with one another and promote knowledge sharing freely across all barriers and boundaries.

The trust of these communities – and of our customers, our employees, and the general public – is essential for us to be able to do our job well.

More particularly, their trust in our sustainability performance enables us to retain our license to build, operate, innovate, and grow in a world increasingly shaped by sustainability issues. This applies not only to us, but to the whole of Uniper.

All companies within Uniper are committed to these values. Uniper Energy Storage reflects these values in the culture and the way that we do business in each of the countries we operate in across Europe. Get to know us and let us inspire you.


Our top priority: Health, safety and environmental protection at the workplace

In August 2008, we took on the role as operator of natural gas storage facilities, with additional central responsibility for all topics related to the power to gas technology across the Group. Since April 2012, we have been operating the ESE-Erdgasspeicher Etzel with own personnel. In December 2012, we also assumed the operatorship of our gas storage facilities in Epe, Breitbrun and Bierwang. We commissioned our WindGas Falkenhagen power to gas pilot plant in August 2013 (expanded to a methanation plant in May 2018), followed in October 2015 by our WindGas Hamburg plant.

The Health,?Security, Safety, Environmental & Quality management (HSSEQ) system as well as authority engineering are senior staff function at Uniper Energy Storage reporting directly to the board. HSSEQ and conducting our business responsibly are Uniper’s highest priority, and hence also for us.

Everyone who acts on behalf of Uniper, anywhere in the world, is responsible for HSSEQ. Our objective is to avoid all accidents. Meeting this commitment is a primary line-management objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all our employees. We work tirelessly to minimize and eliminate possible risks.

Our gas storage facilities are under surveillance of the mining authorities and are subject to the Hazardous Incident Ordinance (St?rfallrecht). The safety installations have been approved by the corresponding regional mining authorities and surveyors. In close cooperation with the respective authorities and external emergency personnel, we developed safety concepts for the different facilities as well as alarm plans and hazard prevention plans. These are displayed to take away at our different facilities.

We operate different management systems in compliance with OHSAS 18001, DVGW TSM G 1000, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001.