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Uniper Energy Storage mainly offers storage capacities on a facility-specific basis. This marketing strategy allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of tailor-made products based on the capabilities of our individual storage sites. Furthermore, it allows us to meet customer-specific wishes and needs and strengthens competition.

We offer both short and long-term storage capacities, which can be booked until 2031. For more information on our 10 storage facilities located at 8 different sites and how they are linked to the pipeline transmission system, please visit our storage portal.

Our storage portal

You would like to obtain more detailed information on our different storage products? Our factsheets will provide this information.

Information on our storage products

Marketing channels and conditions

We offer our storage capacities to all interested parties on a non-discriminatory and transparent basis in accordance with applicable statutory requirements. All storage capacities are allocated in accordance with the European Guidelines for Good Practice for Storage System Operators (GGPSSO) and the statutory requirements of the 3rd Energy Package, including, most notably, the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) and European Regulation (EC) No. 715/2009.

Storage capacities can either be booked directly via our marketing department or via previously announced auctions.

Which requirements are necessary to complete the booking?

Which possibilities of a contracts conclusion are there?

We would be pleased to provide you with information.

You will find detailed information about our marketing channels and conditions in our media library.

Marketing channels and conditions

Furthermore, you can find all relevant transparency data directly in our storage portal.

Our storage portal

Uniper Energy Storage supports secondary trading of storage capacities. Our customers are free to resell their unused capacities in accordance with the GTCS to other market players in an anonymous, non-discriminatory and transparent way.

For secondary trading of short-term capacities please click here

Storage fees

What do storage fees consist of?

Standard products are generally offered at a fixed price which comprises several components. The storage fee consists of the price for keeping the storage capacity available (demand fee), the system services fee and the fee for variable injection costs. In addition there are transportation fees charged directly by the relevant network operator.

We would be pleased to explain important information regarding this topic to you. Please follow the link below.

Storage fee calculator

Furthermore, you will find detailed information on our storage fees in our General Terms and Conditions for Storage Services (GTCS) or our price sheet.

Our GTCS and price sheet

For any further information, our marketing team will be more than pleased to assist you.

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