Our operations contribute to security of supply

Underground gas storage facilities play an important role in securing gas supplies in line with demand. Reliable gas supplies in line with patterns of demand have become something we take for granted. Underground gas storage facilities are an element in the infrastructure of the gas industry which makes it possible to create a balance between the virtually continuous supply of gas from the producing countries and deliveries to the customers where demand fluctuates sharply depending on the season. Underground storage facilities also help to bridge temporary supply bottlenecks.

Alongside their technical role as an instrument for matching supply and demand, underground gas storage facilities are likely to become increasingly important for supply security as a vital link between the gas deposits and the consumer.

After all, the expansion of fluctuating renewable electricity production from wind and solar energy, as well as variable consumption, makes energy storage imperative for the future. In years to come different energy storage technologies will make a growing contribution to the energy system. With our Power-to-Gas pilot plants Falkenhagen and Hamburg we actively take part in energy transition.

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